A message from our minister

Welcome to St Albans United Reformed Church. On our website, you will find lots of information about what we do and when we meet. Our values are firmly rooted in Jesus’ call to love God first and then love our neighbours as ourselves. Our hope is that all we do flows from this primary principle. Kindness and a friendly welcome are essential to us. We worship in a fairly traditional style but seek to be authentic in our encounter with the living Lord. The Holy Spirit is our helper and guide and we try to be open to God’s leading, this is a learning process. We hold a wide range of views
and hope there is always room for people seeking after truth, no matter where their starting point may be.

Rev John A Hardaker
St Albans United Reformed Church minister
T: 01727 421697
E: hardaker.ja@gmail.com

Candle exchange at Greenwood with South St Albans Churches